The Case for Josh Eaton

There is a large scale, stealth and illegal campaign being waged against individuals who are active in defending the founding principles of this nation.

I am an individual American Citizen who has been unjustly and illegally targeted by corrupt District Attorney's and Attorney General's offices, originally in retaliation for my grass-roots volunteerism with the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). The NRA-ILA works to help pro-second amendment candidates win elections to public offices. It is contrary to the political agenda aggressively being pushed globally, and locally by such people as Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The following five instances demonstrate, with proof, how the Middlesex County DA's office formerly under Martha Coakley and currently under Gerry Leone, and the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, under Coakley, conspired with court officials, a known criminal, and a few corrupt and/or misguided local police, to break laws in attempts to prosecute and imprison me for any crime, real or imagined. These five incidents, will show a pattern of criminality and lawlessness rife in the political culture of Massachusetts. Keep in mind while reading this, various Massachusetts court officials do not wish to involve the FBI in apprehending me across state lines. That would expose and bring to light the fraud and other crimes committed against me by Massachusetts court officials and others.

  1. Identification of my political affiliation to AG's and DA's offices.

  2. Court Fraud, and records tampering, in order to deprive me of my right to drive.

  3. Illegal prosecution, records tampering, in attempt to falsely convict me of a violent felony crime.

  4. Two Massachusetts police unlawfully cross state lines.

  5. An individual RI police officer illegally attempted to secretly detain/arrest me, in order to, I believe, transport me across state lines. I believe he was asked to do it by a Massachusetts police officer acting on Coakley's behalf.


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