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INFOWARS FALSE REPORT: "The northern hemisphere will become uninhabitable"



Fukushima is a Deception
The Nuclear event is being GREATLY exagerated by some for
manipulative purposes.

The Nuclear Disaster in Japan is being greatly exagerated by some in Radio and on the internet. Although many of the reporters making these sensationalized reports believe they are reporting the facts, planted 'insiders' are feeding them fabricated reports that are impossible to verify. This 'event', as sketchy as the facts are, is a (false/semi-false) nuclear emergency and an environmental false flag, meant to justify the creation of a global environmental authority (world government). It is two layers of deception: A main stream media blackout, with simutaneous dis-information 'leaked' through it. Independent data has shown NO measureable increase in background radiation since the disaster occured. This is a sharp reality-slap, in contrast to the 'leaked' information reported in various media. Sensationalized reports have been exclaiming, 'The northern hemisphere will become uninhabitable'. These reports are false.

The Intent to discredit

Disinformation has been used in such a way, as to discredit the alternative media, and boost the credibility of the main stream media in the eyes of the half-sleeping public.

Scenario: Nuclear disaster strikes in Japan. The main stream media is basically saying "Don't worry about it." The alternative media ('conspiracy theorists'), who is aware of the potential danger, starts sounding the alarm. The deaths that were anticipated by some, fail to materialize, so in the eyes of the not-paying-attention public, the main stream media appears to be correct in telling the people not to worry. The alternative media looks like a bunch of nuts screeming, "The world is coming to an end."

The alternative media is finding out, and will find out, that these alarming reports were first made, not by unbiased researchers, but by global-warming alarmist activist scientists, and also by a few con-men liars, making false reports of doom and gloom that were impossible to verify. Many in the alternative media, in their excitement, and duped by the main stream media blackout, reported them as fact anyway.

Background Radiation

http://radiationnetwork.comClaims have been made, that the northern hemisphere will become uninhabitable due to the radioactive fallout increasing the levels of background radiation. The map on the right shows the current background radiation levels. Each dot represents a monitoring station owned by a private citizen on the network. The readings are reported in real time to a server, and displayed on the map. Yellow indicates normal background radiation levels. Red indicates a high reading. As you can see, background radiation levels have not increased any measurable amount since the incident began. Click on the map for the up-to-the-minute readings.

New Information

If you know of any verifiable scientific evidence regarding this Japan nuclear disaster, please post the links here. Thank You.


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